Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Well we have had such a fun summer that I haven't had a minute to update the old blog..We've been having playdates with friends.

...and had some very exciting news! Sydney and Bindi became parents over the summer, unfortunately only 2 eggs hatched and we lost one of the babies.

Jadyn's baby sparkle did not make it, but Jesse's baby peeper has been being handfed by me and looks like she is going to pull through! Jadyn was very sad, but memere took her to the pet store and bought her a new baby to make her feel better, she's not ready to come home yet but when she does we will post pictures of her.

This is peeper at 3 days old, she is a month old now and has lots of feathers

She was so tiny I didn't think she would make, but it looks like she will!

We have started our new curriculum for this school year, My Father's World exploring countries and cultures and we are having SO much fun. The books are great and the kids are really into it. I hope your homeschool year is as going as well as ours!

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