Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For the next couple of weeks we will be studying Mexico.

We will also be reading Christian Heroes, Cameron Townsend. I love these books and highly recommend them! I thought they would be over my kids heads, but they are really holding their attention nicely.

Today, after studying the geography of Mexico and learning all about desert ecosystems we made Mexican clay sun masks. Super fun, and messy, but mostly fun.

Jesse deep in thought and hard at work.

yes she is wearing her Pj's. This is after all the Busy Bee Academy for Children who like to wear Pj's all day!

Sun face coming along nicely

all finished! This one is mine LOLOL...I like to play too..and I may or may not have also been in my PJ's, but I'm not saying

Jesse, Sun face? Porcupine? Tomato having a bad hair day? Whatever, he had fun

Jadyn's of course, you can tell because of the bow in the sun's hair.

.and Jesse made a car for his dinosaur domo, I especially like the multicolored wheels. More fun tomorrow!!

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