Friday, October 7, 2011

Fire Station Field Trip

Today we got to visit the fire station! The firemen were so nice and great with the kids

Jesse had fun!

They showed us how high the ladder can go on the ladder truck

random ladder truck picture

Then we got to go inside the station

...learning about the different equipment on the truck, this is to pull ceilings down

they showed us how they dress up for the fire

and told the kids if they ever see this, don't be scared, which was good because I think my kids would run from someone that looked like this, now they no to run to them, not from them

the inside of the pumper truck

Jaws of life

and everyone got cool fire chief hats

and got to see the inside of the truck, we didn't go in it though because it hadn't been cleaned out yet and the firemen said it was too dirty inside for the kids.

There was a great turnout of homeschoolers today

..they even let us see their kitchen

and slid down the firepole for us

another kitchen shot

...and the kids near the fire truck with their firehats LOL so cute!

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