Monday, June 21, 2010

Last day of School

Today is the last day of homeschool for my kids. We will be doing assorted lapbook and reading projects throughout the summer as well as all types of field trips through our homeschooling groups that we belong to.
I have been without a decent computer for the past few weeks, hence my last of posting and pictures. I have lots and lots of pictures that I hope I can get uploaded before too long.
Our schoolroom is finally finished and decorated! Our next years curriculum is in and organized and ready to go! (I love new books)
I can't wait to start next years curriculum. We will be having 2 little visitors with us all summer this year so all 4 children will be working on lapbook units and summer reading. I hope to start next year's curriculum at the end of August sometime.
Jadyn just had her dance recital yesterday and we celebrated father's day afterward. At the end of this week we have a trip to Six Flags planned to celebrate the end of school as well as Daddy's birthday! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures from that trip. (big sigh) I just wish I could upload them all! I hope everyone is having a great end of year wrap up with their homeschooling lessons and we wish you all a great summer!!