Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Eggs

It's Easter! The most important holiday ever! Yes we color eggs, give easter baskets, visit family, make a special dinner, but our Easter celebration is not about any of that, those things are just fun.

Our Easter is about what Jesus did on the cross for all of us. So we can spend forever in Heaven with Him, because he loved us too much to ever be without us. As I reflect on the meaning of this weekend, the true meaning, I am reminded that I am not alone in dealing with my son's illness. God knows how I feel, He gave his only son to be crucified so that I may be forgiven, so that we all may spend eternity in Heaven. He knows my pain, and my struggles and Jesse's as well and that comforts me. I wish you all a good Easter and I hope you take some time out of your busy days to reflect on what Jesus did this weekend for all of us and what it truly means.

~~The Nails did not hold him on that cross, His LOVE for us did~~


This was our fizz science lesson, the kids were pretty impressed Baking soda




Iowa day and we made cornfields

so cute!

Atoms and Molecules

Atoms and Molecules were studied in this particular science class, we then made our very own water molecules with grapes! Super fun, and tasty too

Brownie Troop Fundraiser

Jadyn's brownie troop put on a play as a fundraiser for the local animal shelter, here is Jadyn giving her donation to the shelter They collected lots of things for the animals at the shelter

Jadyn was a bunny in the play

I made her costume, I'm especially fond of the tail lol

Imagination Club

Wow It seems I have been slacking a bit on my posting, we have been very very busy! We joined a new club called the Imagination Club. We meet once a week to use our imaginations, create, move, explore, learn and discover. Each week is a new theme, these pictures are from our Monkey themed week. we made monkey music with all different kinds of instruments taking turns being the monkey band leader and keeping rythms

K does a great job of keeping all the kids involved and participating

Jesse on the monkey drums

Then we played pass the banana, everyone loved this game and there was lots of laughing

Next to get our bodies moving we played Monkey says, just like Simon says only with a bunch of little monkeys, here are my two little monkeys

they had so much fun

hop, hop, hop

Jesse as the monkey says leader

Then we played I can use this..a great imagination game using objects from around the house in different ways

Jadyn playing night watchman, my favorite game

Happy girl!

The kids love this club and I hope it goes on for a long long time!