Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No baby birds =(

Bindi's first clutch did not hatch so no babies for us this time around. I had noticed that she had pretty much lost interest in the nest box and was out of it for an awful long time. When I checked the eggs they were ice cold and stunk! So I threw them away and cleaned everything out really well and maybe we will try again at a later date. She is not looking for the nest box or the eggs and is acting like she could care less so I am glad for that because I was nervous that she was going to have a fit when I took the nestbox away. She is in good spirits and is eating well and is as cuddly as ever so we will see what the future brings.

Applying for SSI

SO, I have finally been talked into applying for SSI for Jesse. I really don't know why I have been so resistant to the idea. I guess because of all the phone calls, appointments and paperwork that I am sure are in my future. But, if he qualifies it will be a lot easier financially here to cover his meds and co-pays for all his appointments, so I am currently on hold with SSI office and have been sitting here for 27 minutes and counting! UGH! And so my SSI journey begins..wish me luck...on to another fight and mountains of appeals I am sure, it never seems to end.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm going to be jumping back into bowmaking and hope to have my store stocking within the next couple of weeks. These bows, along with many others, will all be in my store soon. New for 2010 Bath and Body products as well!!

Cake and Friends and FUN FUN FUN!!!

We had Jadyn's birthday party at Kidz Wurld in North Attleboro. Everyone had a great time and Daddy will get over the credit card bill by next year's party I hope =) Enjoy the pictures!!

Potato Candy

Opportunities to actually cook with Jesse are very rare, so I am always excited when I find a recipe that he can participate in. I found this recipe for Potato Candy and decided to try it with him. We had a lot of fun making the candy, unfortunately it didn't taste that good =(

1 medium sized white potato, cooked until soft and mashed
Confectioners Sugar
That's it 2 ingredients, mash the potato and then start added sugar, it will get very wet and mushy, keep mixing and adding sugar until it forms a dough that you can roll out easily. This takes A LOT of sugar. I used 3 pounds all together. Roll out dough on waxed paper until very thin and let sit for about 2hrs. Cut into little squares and store in a bowl in a powdered sugar bath to keep it dry.
You can add chocolate chips or any flavor extract to this recipe and I'm sure that will make it tastier, Jesse cannot have those so I just made it plain, we were not impressed with the taste, but maybe you will be! Let me know if you try it

Drawing with Children Art Class

Melissa and I are both using the Drawing with Children book in our curriculum this year so we decided it would be fun for our kids to do it together. This was our first lesson. Miss Melissa doing relaxation excersizes with them, Jadyn was peeking =)
drawing dots and circles and learning why they are different
experimenting with our supplies
learning about straight, curved and angled lines

Our finished papers for today. Dots, Circles, straight lines, curved lines and angled lines