Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekend Fun for no reason

Family fun day Sunday. Jesse and Pepere in my sister's pool My Ham child

AWWW cousins

Playing in the yard

and then came home and snuggled with bunny

Dolphins and Italy

This week we met a storyteller from italy, he was very engaging and fun and the kids had a great time. Jadyn even got picked to help with the opening song

Dancing and singing followed

Then we took a gondola ride and learned all about Italy, SO FUN!

We also learned all about dolphins and them painted murals of them. I love the pictures of the process.

Clouds in the sky

...and finished pictures

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Imagination Club Rainforest

This week at imagination club we learned about bromeliads and poison dart frogs. Here is a picture of a bromeliad. Here is our own version of a bromeliad

Getting ready to demonstrate how rainwater collects in bromeliads in the rainforest


Rainwater collected in the bromeliads

Poison frogs on the rainforest floor, so pretty.

Pictures of real poison dart frogs, just as pretty

This one is my favorite

Now it's time to pretend that we are frogs!

Hop Hop Hop around the rainforest

Look at all the little frogs

Time to collect our baby tadpoles and transport them high up into the trees to put them in the bromeliads to get some water

We carry them on our backs

Climb the trees and put them in the pretty flowers, hard work for a little frog, and we can only carry 1 tadpole at a time!

Back and forth, Back and forth for hours every day. It's very tiring to be a poison dart frog in the rainforest with babies! But, we had fun pretending. Can't wait to see what Miss Karen has in store for us next week!

Father's Day 2011

We had a very low key father's day, which was nice. First we had Jadyn's recital, this was her Hokey Pokey outfitFlowers for the recital girl

Now time for Father's Day relaxing on the beach!

Jesse starting his relaxing a little early and took a nap on the way

The Girls!

The Boys!

Playing on the shore

Ok Mom! Enough with the pictures lol

I don't want any evidence of me throwing sand on Sebastian

building sand critters

More critters

We had a fun day!

Favorite picture of the day of Jesse and Daddy! So Sweet!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

Jadyn's recital is tomorrow, today was her dress rehearsal, here are some cute pictures I snapped today during rehearsal
Hip Hop Hokey Pokey


we're not afraid of no ghosts!

Handstand on Miss Katie's feet!

Great Job, Jadyn!! I can't wait until tomorrow!!