Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cute Little Friend

We had a cute little friend join us for class today!

Imagination Club Prehistoric Mammals

Imagination Club was all about Prehistoric Mammals last week, we had loads of fun! Mr. John read us a book about Wooly Mammoths

Jesse bit his nails.

All the kids were enthralled, Mr. John reads a great story!

Then we imagined that we were cavemen and we had to find a cave to live in

We found a cute little cozy cave, but then we needed a plan to get food, water and clothes

Jesse and Kerith hunting for food

They have a mammoth surrounded!

Jesse chops him up into pieces

They haul it back to the cave and Jadyn cooks him up OM NOM NOM

Harry got wounded in the wooly mammoth battle, we had to dress his wound with big leaves that we found after we washed it off with water, no band aids in those days

Kerith said, "That mammoth was HUGE"

...trapping more food

AAA some other animal is after us now, RUN!

Then we needed a plan to migrate south, the mammoth were leaving and we had to follow our food

So we gathered our weapons

and off we went to find a new cave

Found one!

Cozy little cave

Imagination Club is SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone, my littles are both sick, so we will be having a busy day today caring for them and trying to catch up on sleep. I hope everyone is well and have a great day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Nest of Mine, NEW ITEMS!

www.LittleNestofMine.etsy.com has new items, here are a few, come and see You know you want to!Sunflower bow headband

Wildchild bow headband

MissMouse bow headband

Summer butterfly bow headband

Ladybug bow headband

Buzzzzy Bees bow headband

Lavender organza flourish bow headband

Pink Baseball bow headband


For the next 2 weeks we will be studying forces, particularly Magnetism We have this handy dandy magnet kit to perform experiments and help us understand

This is just one of the experiments, a compass, Guess What! It always points north! Who knew! The kids were amazed that no matter how you turned the foam piece the north pole of the magnet always pointed north. So much Fun!!


Here is the view from our classroom this month at URI Narragansett campus for our science class on how sound travels in the ocean We had a very informative class about animal sounds in the water and how sounds travel

Sounds travel differenty in hot water and cold water

Jadyn listening to sounds

Sounds also travel differently depending on the viscosity of the water and how many particles are in it, she demonstrated with with instant coffee and plain water

Then we all listened to sounds and tried to guess what they were, a lot of us were very surprised by what the sounds were especially the adults

After class we went to the library to see the model of the endeavor, it was a beautiful library and they even gave us hot chocolate and tea biscuits after!

we can't wait until next month and will be very very sad when this serious is over.

We also got a lot of cool handouts this month including a coloring book and this hardcover storybook.