Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainforest Animals ZOOMOBILE

a few weeks ago we studied the rainforest, so I couldn't resist when this class came up about Rainforest animals.

The children gathered to hear some facts about the rainforest and it's animals

They then discussed each level of the rainforest and which animals might live there.

they learned a little bit about each level of the rainforest and it's purpose

they were then given cards with animals on them and they had to place them in the right level of the rainforest.

Jadyn got a butterfly and explained that it would be able to go in all levels of the rainforest, I was glad she remembered that from our school lesson weeks ago.

then we got to see some real live rainforest animals! First was a Giant Millipede

...then a White's tree frog, Jadyn loved him and now wants a frog

and a very cute boa constricter was the star of the show

they couldn't wait to pet him

we also got to examine his shed skin

a very fun day!

Mexico wrap up

So we wrapped up mexican week with a feast of chicken and cheese quesadillas, homemade salsa, nachos, and chimichangas

...and yarn art! We are now starting Canada and the rest of North America.. We also started writing cursive this week! such fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fire Station Field Trip

Today we got to visit the fire station! The firemen were so nice and great with the kids

Jesse had fun!

They showed us how high the ladder can go on the ladder truck

random ladder truck picture

Then we got to go inside the station

...learning about the different equipment on the truck, this is to pull ceilings down

they showed us how they dress up for the fire

and told the kids if they ever see this, don't be scared, which was good because I think my kids would run from someone that looked like this, now they no to run to them, not from them

the inside of the pumper truck

Jaws of life

and everyone got cool fire chief hats

and got to see the inside of the truck, we didn't go in it though because it hadn't been cleaned out yet and the firemen said it was too dirty inside for the kids.

There was a great turnout of homeschoolers today

..they even let us see their kitchen

and slid down the firepole for us

another kitchen shot

...and the kids near the fire truck with their firehats LOL so cute!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strange occurances

...well not really strange, I went to Bible study on Wednesday morning I dropped the kids off with schoolwork

at Memere's house. I really didn't expect much of it to get done and to my surprise when I got home it was ALL done! Joyfully! ??? hmmmm...maybe Memere should do their work with them more often?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For the next couple of weeks we will be studying Mexico.

We will also be reading Christian Heroes, Cameron Townsend. I love these books and highly recommend them! I thought they would be over my kids heads, but they are really holding their attention nicely.

Today, after studying the geography of Mexico and learning all about desert ecosystems we made Mexican clay sun masks. Super fun, and messy, but mostly fun.

Jesse deep in thought and hard at work.

yes she is wearing her Pj's. This is after all the Busy Bee Academy for Children who like to wear Pj's all day!

Sun face coming along nicely

all finished! This one is mine LOLOL...I like to play too..and I may or may not have also been in my PJ's, but I'm not saying

Jesse, Sun face? Porcupine? Tomato having a bad hair day? Whatever, he had fun

Jadyn's of course, you can tell because of the bow in the sun's hair.

.and Jesse made a car for his dinosaur domo, I especially like the multicolored wheels. More fun tomorrow!!

Long Overdue Update

Well we have had such a fun summer that I haven't had a minute to update the old blog..We've been having playdates with friends.

...and had some very exciting news! Sydney and Bindi became parents over the summer, unfortunately only 2 eggs hatched and we lost one of the babies.

Jadyn's baby sparkle did not make it, but Jesse's baby peeper has been being handfed by me and looks like she is going to pull through! Jadyn was very sad, but memere took her to the pet store and bought her a new baby to make her feel better, she's not ready to come home yet but when she does we will post pictures of her.

This is peeper at 3 days old, she is a month old now and has lots of feathers

She was so tiny I didn't think she would make, but it looks like she will!

We have started our new curriculum for this school year, My Father's World exploring countries and cultures and we are having SO much fun. The books are great and the kids are really into it. I hope your homeschool year is as going as well as ours!