Friday, December 31, 2010

Gabriels's 8th Birthday

It was our friend Gabe's Birthday yesterday and he was nice enough to invite us to go with him to the reptile place. Jadyn was a bit shy to touch the reptiles.
Jesse, of course, jumped right in and started touching everything
UMM well except for the alligators, he was happy to just look at those guys
the snakes were interesting though

Then the kids found something else interesting


ok back to this guys, he was scary

Jesse found a leopard gecko and they took it out so he could get a closer look, fuzzy picture, but it is a gecko trust me

and we'll be keeping this guy behind the glass thank you

hedgehogs are always a hit, everyone wanted to hold the prickly little guy

awww so cute

Tub O' Turtles

me wondering if this cute little guy would be ok if I snuck him out in my pocket, no, not really, but he's so cute isn't he?

Jadyn wanted this one, but I told her it was toooo little

What are you looking at?

Hey mister, whatcha doin' with all those bugs? Feeding them to the turtles. OOOHHHH!

This guy's name was tank, he was a biggggggg turtle

we fed the little ones grapes

and carrots, om nom nom

poison dart frog, so pretty

Why hello there ugly lizard thing that scared me half to death lol

Imma gonna get you cricket

This turtle was SO TEENY he was so cute

This guy was SOOOO BIIGGG and NOT cute

wanna go play with the alligators little girl? UMMMM NO!

me either, they are scary looking

HEY! What are you doing with those baby mice? "Who? Innocent little me? Nothing! Just picking some out to take home." lol

This one looks like he's thinking Jesse may make a tasty snack

Who me? I'm not gator food

Poor mouse, the kids found this snake eating a mouse fascinating, me? Not so much

One more picture of cuteness to close this blog post, my version of the daily squee

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Being silly in the snow with friends.

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning started with another Tea Party, Patrick and Spongebob were apparently feeling left out as they were not invited to Christmas eve Tea.. Our Tree! The kids decorated this all by themselves with no adult supervision, they did a great job....NO that is NOT a bureau in my living room!! It's a sofa table! LOL
..obligatory pic in front of the tree

and then there were presents

and the playing with of toys

Dinner with Family and a quiet rest of the day...This my beautiful Neice who is growing up WAY to fast for my liking
and my beautiful sister, with my baby boy, who looks so much like her he could be her kid

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas