Friday, October 23, 2009

Wee Create...Fall Trees

what's more fun than finger painting? Not much when your in this age group. Today we make some finger paint fall trees. Everyone had a great time and all the little artists came up with some very interesting Fall trees.

...and this face!

..makes the fight all worth it! How can you look at this sweet innocent angel and tell him that he cannot have the formula that he needs to survive! I hope they can sleep at night! Don't worry baby, mommy will fight for you till there is no more breath in me!

Park Day and Formula Fight

I have been fighting with my insurance company to continue covering Jesse's formula, which is is sole source of nutrition and costs a TON of money and so Mommy really needed a day to be silly and have fun, so we went to the are a few pics from our silly day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trees and Birds Nests

Last weeks school lessons were centered around Trees and birds nests. Here are a couple of pictures of our bean sprouts that finally sprouted from the week before's lesson on how things grow
This week Jesse built a birds nest out of twigs and lined it with dried leaves, he peeped the entire time he was doing this and made believe he was a mamma bird.

Finished Nest

Jesse decided that his kitty kat counters belonged in the nest instead of baby birds lol

Time to learn how to fly baby birds....errr kitties

Like this, flap your wings, or ears or whiskers or whatever it is that kitties flap!

Bird nest building sequence story, good job Jesse!
sorting fall leaves

pretty fall trees

Jadyn learned about Conifer trees and Deciduous trees

This is a picture of our PITIFUL pepper harvest this year. This was not a good year for vegetable gardens, not sure if I'm going to attempt this again next year.
Stay tuned next week for Tt, Turtles and Rain!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here is a great homeschooling documentary that another listmember shared..take a few minutes to listen to it, lots of great info and insight.

http://www.manygood 2009/10/05/ homeschooling/

Jesse's Ambulance Ride

I was almost sorry I forgot my camera! Well my little man did make it until the next morning, however, as soon as his doctor saw him he called the ambulance and off we went. Jesse thought it was cool to ride in the ambulance, me, not so much. We spent some time in ICU and then got a room on the regular floor. He is home now and I really think they should have kept him another night, but they kick you out fast these days. SO we are diligently following protocol at home and leaving the rest up to The Great Physician. We are praying we don't end up back in the hospital and watching him very closely. Jesse had all the nurses wrapped around his little finger within minutes of getting off the ambulance so he was treated very well and I am very grateful for that. He decided he wanted daddy to sleep over with him this time so that was different. Of course daddy obliged and took the next day off of work so he could stay with him. What a great daddy my children have been blessed with!! I'm hoping tomorrow things can settle back to normal and we can continue with our studies.. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcoming Week

WOW I had a lot to add today.
Well today is Columbus day, the kids watched some videos on Christopher Columbus and then we had a question quiz after the video. Jesse is very sick with his asthma and tomorrow we will be going to the doctor for him, Jadyn and I will get our flu shots while we are there. Jesse cannot get his because of his allergies so the rest of us get them to help try to keep him healthy.
I am a bit concerned this year about the flu and how it will affect my children if they catch it, I went back and forth about vaccinating them for it, but I had a talk with their doctor and then Jim and I talked about it and all decided that it's for the best. I am praying that God will bless us with a resful night tonight and that I don't have to take Jesse to the hospital tonight and he can make it until morning to go to the doctor. The rest of the week will be consisting of doing our lesson and working on Jadyn's reading skills, we had school pictures scheduled for tomorrow, but Jesse is too sick to go so we will have to get those done another time.

Banana Muffins for Daddy

Jadyn made banana muffins for her daddy, because he is her favorite person in the whole world. She did everything herself, including cracking the eggs, the only thing she did not do is remove the pan from the oven, check out the mashing job on those bananas! She's going to be a great cook!

Christina's Art Class

We started a new art class this week! This is a great time for the kids to get together and get messy and for the moms to fellowship. I met new friends and so did the kids and we had a great time. Special thanks to Christina for opening her home for this class. The kids made leaf suncatchers and cards this week. here is Jadyn spreading her crushed crayons on her paper for later ironing
here is Jesse doing the same

Faith and Cambria

Christina, Peter, Tammy and Hailey

Faith, Christina, Hailey, Tammy, Peter

Finished cards

We can't wait to see what we will be creating next!