Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010

It's 11:58 on New Year's Eve. 2 Minutes until a new decade begins and I'm sitting here reflecting. What have I accomplished in the past year? Did it make a difference? Was it enough? I never think it's enough, no matter how much I did and I'm sure we all feel that way. But I did accomplish somethings. I fought like a mama bear to get Jesse's formula approved for another year, I met some great people this year who I am hoping will become lifelong friends. Jadyn is almost reading fluently and Jesse is just sailing through his schoolwork, i'd say we had a very successful homeschooling year! I have tried to instill my morals and values in my children and hopefully have planted some seeds that will lead them to Christ and their own salvation and there is nothing more important than that. On a personal level I have lost 108 pounds in 2009, a new year's resolution that I make every year and never accomplished has now been accomplished and although I am very proud of that fact, I still have more to lose and am hoping to lose all the rest in 2010. They say life begins at 40 this year I will turn 40 so we will see what this year has in store for me..It is now midnight January 1st 2010...happy new year everyone!! I wish everyone health and blessings abundant for all of you. Another year has begun, let's start now and make it count!

UPDATE on the birds and their entrance into parenthood

I have been absolutely amazed by this entire process. It is incredible the instinct that God has given these animals. Bindi has been an amazing mom thus far and Sydney is very very protective. I'm still not sure if any of the eggs are actually fertile, but I am hoping they are. This is a picture of Sydney checking out his babies when we only had 3 eggs, we ended up with 6 all together and Bindi had no problems laying, no egg binding or other issues so I am very thankful for that, I always knew when Bindi was laying because pappa bird would pace back and forth in front of the nest box and keep poking his head in from time to time lol..nervous dad. all 6 eggs
Sydney checking in on Bindi while she was laying an egg
Sydney warning me to stay away from the next box or he would give me a nasty bite, he bites hard too! You don't want to mess with this pappa bird, that beak is SHARP
Time for salad! I make them a salad every day, kale, kidney beans, seed mix, bananas, pears, carrots etc, whatever I have on hand to keep them healthy
This is Bindi sitting on her eggs, this is a very rare picture and I actually took it by accident so it is very special to me. So Sweet
Daddy guarding mamma and her eggs
I'm hoping we get a few peepers out of this, but if not we are definately getting a great lesson in reproduction and instinct I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of it,,,all the biting and being attacked while I'm cleaning out the cage? not so much lol, but it's so worth it all....stay tuned for updates!

Christmas 2009

Every year on Christmas we say we are going to go light, but we always overdo, here is a picture before the unwrapping frenzy lol Jesse's big present this year was Spike the dinosaur, He LOVED it, it's a really fun toy
Jadyn's big present was this adorable dollhouse, I'm not sure who likes it more, her or me lol it's so cute and..

has babies and....

PETS! how cool is that?!
We had a quiet Christmas with family, lasagna, meatballs, salad and bread. I always do untraditional at Christmas, it's my tradition LOL.

A White Christmas!

The Blizzard of 2009 arrived about a week before Christmas. Not exactly sure how much snow we got, but it was a hung around until well after Christmas, so it made for a nice white Christmas for us. The kids were thrilled! Here is a picture of my seasonal window, doesn't it look so pretty all iced up from the snow? Snow on the deck outside our glass sliders.

Mommy's car buried!

Our Snowy Street, the snow always looks so pretty first thing in the morning before the plows come and make it all sandy and yucky. So peacful
The kids could not wait to get outside and get their hands in all that whiteness. Jadyn is catching snowflakes on her tongue lol too cute!
Almost lost Jesse in a snowdrift LOL
Mommy my eyelashes are frozen! Time to warm up

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wee Create Christmas

Another fun week at Wee Create Art Class. With Christmas right around the corner Ms. Christina had some fun Christmas crafts for us. We decorated Christmas Cards, Ornaments, and Gift Bags. Here are some pictures from our day Faith climbing on the table
one of Jadyn's cards
another card I think this one was Jesse's

Fauth's card
Hope's card
Jesse with his finished cards

Jadyn with her finished cards
Faith's gift bag
Hope decorating her gift bag
Jadyn's gift bag
Jesse and Ms. Christina picking out ribbon for his bag

Jesse admiring his work

On to the ornaments Penguins need lots of glitter!

Hope and her bumblebee snowflake
Faith and all her pretty ornaments

Hope and Faith
Ms. Christina's BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

..and then there were two....

little eggs..aren't they so tiny! Bindi laid her second egg today. She should lay her third one in about 48 hrs and then should start sitting on them. Hard to believe that a little life will soon pop out of those tiny eggs, God is so amazing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bindi's first egg

a few pictures of Bindi's first egg. It's so tiny! through the hole in the nestbox

top view with flash
We are not sure yet if it is a viable chick, this being her first clutch we are not holding out much hope, but if it is it will be very very exciting. It is too soon to candle the egg yet so we will just have to wait and see. They are being very protective of this little egg. I got bit twice taking these pictures and they drew blood worth it though. Good Night little egg!

Some fun things I found

During a shopping trip the other day I happened across these fun foam puzzles for only $1. I thought they would be great learning tools so of course I picked up 1 of each kind. The kids LOVED them and I thought they were so colorful and fun.