Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainforest Animals ZOOMOBILE

a few weeks ago we studied the rainforest, so I couldn't resist when this class came up about Rainforest animals.

The children gathered to hear some facts about the rainforest and it's animals

They then discussed each level of the rainforest and which animals might live there.

they learned a little bit about each level of the rainforest and it's purpose

they were then given cards with animals on them and they had to place them in the right level of the rainforest.

Jadyn got a butterfly and explained that it would be able to go in all levels of the rainforest, I was glad she remembered that from our school lesson weeks ago.

then we got to see some real live rainforest animals! First was a Giant Millipede

...then a White's tree frog, Jadyn loved him and now wants a frog

and a very cute boa constricter was the star of the show

they couldn't wait to pet him

we also got to examine his shed skin

a very fun day!

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