Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun with Friends Aislinn's 5th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my BFF's daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Aislinn!
There was cake...
and balloon animals

and pink sparkly presents!
and a magician with bunnies!

and as you can tell by these faces, the kids had an absolute blast!!

Steamboats, Things that float, Groundhogs, Chinese New Year and Fun with Juice

Busy Busy week last week with homeschooling, we learned about Robert Fulton and his Steamboat
We learned why things float and other things do not

..and conducted our own floating experiment
we were a little surprised that some things we though would float did not and vice versa

we then charted our guesses as well as the actual results

Groundhog day! I'm a little groundhog furry and brown, watch me pop up and look around, if I see my shadow down I'll go, 6 more weeks of winter OH NO!

Kitchen Science, fun with juice we studied the cells in oranges and apples and squished the juice out of them

then we painted pillowcases with grape juice to see how juice stains fabric and how they dyed their fabrics in the old days

very messy! I'm glad I decided to put garbage bags on the table before we started this

Lemon Juice Art, we squeezed some juice out of a lemon

Then we wrote disappearing secrect messages on white paper and let them dry, after we ironed the papers and the secret messages appeared. Very cool!

Our Chinese New Year Dragons

...and we also studied Mississippi!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am totally addicted to ETSY. Ok it's out I said it out loud! LOVE LOVE LOVE Etsy! I now have 3 etsy stores and would love for you to come visit. Check out links and pics below

This store is dedicated to my daughter and contains all things girl, especially hairbows.

This store is dedicated to my son, because he cannot eat real food, due to his disease and his nickname is Mouse.

...and this one is just for me, because I love to crochet, and I also love owls, and bright colors.


More snow came this week! I really don't know where we are going to put anymore snow! It's crazy! I did get some pretty pictures of some icicles hanging off my roof though, and as pretty as they are, I am so all set for spring!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Louisiana Purchase and The Star Spangled Banner

This week we studied Francis Scott Key and The Star Spangled Banner, The kids have been singing it (off Key, no pun intended) all week.
In Science we did an experiment, documenting whether or not seeds need water to grow, we used corn seeds and tracked our progress daily.

We did dry corn seeds in one plate, and moist corn seeds in the other and covered them with foil and they were checked daily and their progress charted

corn seeds starting to soften and swell

dry corn seeds, nothing

after a week, moist corn seeds have sprouted, our conclusion, seeds do in fact need water to grow
Our spelling words for this week
Our memory verse

We also learned about the Louisiana Purchase

and I found some fun file folder math games! How cute are these!!

I hope you had a great week!!