Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roger Williams Botanical Center Class

Our classroom today at the Botanical Center! Plants and birds and insects oh my. here is a picture of the Botanical Center at Roger Williams park. checking out the carnivorous plants before class started.

beautiful koi pond

an actual wrens nest

eggs from all different birds


pretty fountain


learning about feathers and birds

learning all about the different kinds of plants in the greenhouses

worms =O ick. Red wiggly decomposing worms

Mammal study complete with pelts and skulls

coyote pelt

a clementine and a sprig of rosemary we found growing in the greenhouse, the smell was amazing in there!

On to the growing station! They made biodegradable pots and planted bean seeds in them

I could have sat here forever, enjoying the sunshine and smelling the flowers and plants, so relaxing

Water Pollution lesson

exploring the carnivorous bog, very very interesting

another shot from the opposite side

.....and just because I love the way her hair looks in this picture.

Happy Homeschooling!!

Halloween and Hayrides 2011

Fall Fun!


WELL I have been a bit lax in taking pictures lately, we have been studying SO HARD. We are just wrapping up our study on Canada which will conclude our geography lessons for North America and we will be moving onto South America next week, starting with Brazil. We have been playing geography and math games. Concentrating mostly on math because I feel we have catching up to do in that subject. Science has consisted of food chains, forests, north american animals and the like. Hopefully I will have time to take more pictures in the coming weeks. Here are a few of the kids playing their games from last week.