Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcoming Week

WOW I had a lot to add today.
Well today is Columbus day, the kids watched some videos on Christopher Columbus and then we had a question quiz after the video. Jesse is very sick with his asthma and tomorrow we will be going to the doctor for him, Jadyn and I will get our flu shots while we are there. Jesse cannot get his because of his allergies so the rest of us get them to help try to keep him healthy.
I am a bit concerned this year about the flu and how it will affect my children if they catch it, I went back and forth about vaccinating them for it, but I had a talk with their doctor and then Jim and I talked about it and all decided that it's for the best. I am praying that God will bless us with a resful night tonight and that I don't have to take Jesse to the hospital tonight and he can make it until morning to go to the doctor. The rest of the week will be consisting of doing our lesson and working on Jadyn's reading skills, we had school pictures scheduled for tomorrow, but Jesse is too sick to go so we will have to get those done another time.

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