Monday, October 12, 2009

Apples and Things that Grow

This past week Jesse learned about apples and other fruits and Jadyn learned about how things grow, we did many science projects this week and studied plants and beans and read lots of books. Here is Jadyn showing her drawing of the progression of how a plant grows, from seed to sprout to plant. We gathered some brightly colored flowers, put them in a baggie with a few drops of water and squished them around for awhile and made paint! Then we painted coffee filters with the paint, this was fun and the kids were amazed.
We also sprouted some beans, Jadyn thought it amazing when we split the bean open and saw the tiny bean plant inside, she loved looking at them each day to see what was happening.

We are also working on sprouting a sweet potato

Jesse is doing very well learning his vowels, he knows all their sounds and names and has a cute little song to sing about them...

The topic this week was Apples and Jesse's words to remember this week were "If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit" so we made a poster with all different fruits on it

We also made a tree with apples and had a lesson about the fruits of the spirit and what that meant.

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