Friday, October 2, 2009

Nature Walk

Since it was such a beautiful day and we don't get snow days, we decided to take a sunshine day and go to the park. We fed the goats carrots...

...and apples

and had fun on the HUGE slide

ready made spaceship for a couple of space explorers.

Jesse and his friend Rexy

Our day at the park quickly turned into a nature walk, which worked out perfectly since Jadyn had been studying things that grow close to the ground and Jesse was studying leaves. We found some interesting mushrooms, all kinds of leaves that very conveniently were all labeled, a homeschool mom's dream for sure, and some beautiful flowers. Here are some pictures of what we saw.

Jadyn found a unicorn!

and Jesse found a waterfall

Love this picture of my babies.

We found this funky tree root that looked like the tree had grown feet and was about to run away.

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