Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jesse's Ambulance Ride

I was almost sorry I forgot my camera! Well my little man did make it until the next morning, however, as soon as his doctor saw him he called the ambulance and off we went. Jesse thought it was cool to ride in the ambulance, me, not so much. We spent some time in ICU and then got a room on the regular floor. He is home now and I really think they should have kept him another night, but they kick you out fast these days. SO we are diligently following protocol at home and leaving the rest up to The Great Physician. We are praying we don't end up back in the hospital and watching him very closely. Jesse had all the nurses wrapped around his little finger within minutes of getting off the ambulance so he was treated very well and I am very grateful for that. He decided he wanted daddy to sleep over with him this time so that was different. Of course daddy obliged and took the next day off of work so he could stay with him. What a great daddy my children have been blessed with!! I'm hoping tomorrow things can settle back to normal and we can continue with our studies.. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers.

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