Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trees and Birds Nests

Last weeks school lessons were centered around Trees and birds nests. Here are a couple of pictures of our bean sprouts that finally sprouted from the week before's lesson on how things grow
This week Jesse built a birds nest out of twigs and lined it with dried leaves, he peeped the entire time he was doing this and made believe he was a mamma bird.

Finished Nest

Jesse decided that his kitty kat counters belonged in the nest instead of baby birds lol

Time to learn how to fly baby birds....errr kitties

Like this, flap your wings, or ears or whiskers or whatever it is that kitties flap!

Bird nest building sequence story, good job Jesse!
sorting fall leaves

pretty fall trees

Jadyn learned about Conifer trees and Deciduous trees

This is a picture of our PITIFUL pepper harvest this year. This was not a good year for vegetable gardens, not sure if I'm going to attempt this again next year.
Stay tuned next week for Tt, Turtles and Rain!

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