Friday, January 21, 2011

This week in our homeschool OHIO and Oil pastels

Well, we started the week with snow and also ended the week with snow, we also had a little in the middle as well. I usually LOVE taking snow pictures, but this year I can honestly say enough already! This picture is not of my house, because I'm just sick of taking snow pictures for this year =). This week we studied animals: We had to classify reptiles, mammals, birds, fish and amphibians. I love our science book. It's so colorful!

We had fun with a little classifying matching game

we made cute fluffy Jesus Lambs out of cotton balls
This on is Jadyn's, she said it is the Mama lamb and that's why she is so FLUFFY

Jesse made a baby lamb

We continued on with the many adventures of Almanzo Wilder in the Farmer Boy book

..and our state this week was Ohio! We also learned a bit about Neil Armstrong, who was born in Ohio

We then read about the pioneers traveling on the Ohio River

and learned about the very first schools, then we made our own New England Primers

ART CLASS This week we used Oil Pastels

Since it has been so snowy we made snow scenes, nighttime and daytime

This is Jadyn's daytime scene

..and her nightime one, notice the shovel leaning against the shed and the garbage can near the tree, oh and that is a squirrel peaking out of the hole in the tree. It's all in the details!

Here are Jesse's, yes I know they are sideways, just tip your head to the left LOL. The one with the snowman is nighttime and the other is daytime. He said the snow is dirty because the plowman already came
And these are mommy's, cuz I wanted to have some fun too!!
I hope everyone had a great week!!


  1. I love the Jesus lambs! What a cute idea! <3

  2. very nice, hallelujah