Friday, January 14, 2011

and then there was SNOW-Blizzard 1/12/11

1/12/2011 this is what we woke up to! The kids were THRILLED! The parents, not so much, although it was very very pretty.This is our deck about 1/2 way through the storm.
Pretty Winter Wonderland trees

It's always so pretty before the kids start tromping through it

Here are the kids...tromping through it! Notice it was almost up to Jesse's hips LOL. He had a hard time.

more pictures of the yard

Tromp, Tromp, Tromp

Snow Angels!

Bunny in a box!! He was hiding because he didn't want us to put him out in the bunny run.

smart bunny, here is a picture of the said bunny run! FROSTY!!

Sun through the trees

Daddy's car is buried!

2 tired snow angels

Can't get back into the house that way

hmmmm maybe not this way either

Oh well, let's go play on the swings instead

Look at these pretty icicles! More snow coming this week!!

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  1. How fun! I have pictures from our snow day too...the kids were so happy! Brr....snow is cold, but oh so pretty! I loved looking at your pics! =)