Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jadyn's 8th Birthday

I cannot believe my first born is already 8 years old! They grow so fast. We had a cake with family and then she had a playdate with her homeschool friends. She had so much fun and is now exhausted! Thank you to everyone that made my baby smile today! She wanted a butterfly cake this year, I know it's kinda messy, but she liked it!
blowing out the candles, I hope she wished to stop getting older!

AH yes, must get a birthday picture with bunny bunny, he is almost as tall as she is! He was also NOT HAPPY with the way he was being held here.

off to our playdate this slide was so fun


Jesse agreed!

Who doesn't LOVE to bounce?

chit chatting with Maegan and Sarah

Meghan, Aislinn, Jadyn and Sarah

Jadyn and Aislinn *LOVE*

all tuckered out now time to go home!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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