Friday, January 14, 2011

Animal Cells and Eli Whitney

These weeks topics included animal cells, Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin and the state of Tennessee.Here is a model of an animal cell
Here is a picture of Eli Whitney

And here is his cotton gin

Here is our animal cell model, a plastic bag (cell wall), orange jello (cytoplasm), a black cap from a lotion bottle (nucleous) and some small kidney beans (organelles)

Then we made a list of living and non-living things that God created in Genesis 1

My homemade cotton plants, complete with construction paper seeds!

We tried to remove the seeds ourselves, which proved to be a very daunting, tedious, task, making us realize what an important invention the Cotton Gin was

We then studied the state of Tennessee, located it on our maps and learned about the state bird and flower as well as some other fun facts

we also studied John 1:29 as this weeks memory verse


  1. can u please tell the names and lableling of animal cell model (1st one).i need it please

  2. nice job whitch high school did you go to?

  3. sofia from califoniaAugust 18, 2011 at 12:18 AM

    great job doing it;';'

  4. amazing work now i got an idea for my science project

    thank you ;)

  5. amazing!!!!i love your animal cell 7th grade daughter was inspired on yours...thank you for such a great idea!!!