Friday, December 4, 2009


In early November we went to Disneyworld with Memere and Pepere. We stayed in Pepere's timeshare and the kids found a cute little cubbyhole to hide in in the condo. Unfortunately these are the only 2 pictures I got of the condo and I can't figure out why. I usually take more. Oh well it was nice anyway. The obligatory Castle picture

Jadyn and Aurora
Jesse and Aurora
Jadyn and Cinderella
Jesse and Cinderella...I think Prince Charming has a little competition..

So adorable..
Belle and my little Belle

Belle and Jesse
Pixie Hollow, I can't remember this fairy's name but she was my favorite

Jesse is in LOVE...check out the look on his cute.

I had to tear him away from this one
T'Rex Cafe..just like the Rainforest Cafe, but so much cooler!

Jellyfish and a coral reef all glowing in the dark

Dinosaur fossill encased in ice
T-Rex inside the restaurant
He was HUGE
Ginormous octopus hanging from the ceiling
Daddy and kids outside the cafe
Jadyn and Jesse getting eaten by a shark lol...not really, but they thought they would fool people

My little poser
....and the other one

Jadyn and Pepere feeding the polar bears their hot chocolate

Pooh will always be my favorite

Jadyn was starstruck

Mickey and Minnie and Jesse..Jadyn says she doesn't do characters, only real people, like the princesses and the fairies and of course ariel..

More pictures coming soon from Disney Photopass as soon as I get them scanned.

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