Saturday, November 20, 2010

Narragansett Bay URI Campus Science class

This month the topic was Aquatic invaders
We played a little game to illustrate how Aquatic Invaders can invade a habitat and change the dynamics of said habitat

Playing musical chairs to see which species got to stay

Who would win? The home species or the invaders?

Jadyn was in a punky mood that day, she was an invader and not too happy about it I guess, but I'm glad we went because it was a really fun class and very interesting

wrapping up the class
explaining how the invading species can change the habitat and make it inhospitable to the species that were already living there

Before and after pictures of the same area. Before nice and clean, after YUCK!

2nd part of class, off to the research aquarium
The stairway in

Learning about bacteria
Explaining how they put plastic in the water and yucky things attach themselves to the plastic and then they can take the plastic and study what is in a certain body of water, pretty neat!

Flounder tank

This lobster is alive! But it's red like a cooked lobster, that is because lobsters get their color from vegetation where they live! You learn something new every day

More Lobster facts, Jadyn wanted to know how come the lobster didn't bite him lol

This lobster has 2 claws, a cutting claw and a large claw, very rarely seen

On to the shark tank, this tank was full of small sharks and they all kept hopping up out of the water to say high, this one almost grabbed my camera and scared me half to death in the process

The class waiting for the sharks to pop up and say howdy

Peek a Boo, got any food?

Sting ray and shark eggs in another tank

....and back to the sharks

smile Jadyn!
This shark jumped out of the water so high that it scared Jadyn and she almost fell off of the block she was standing on, her reaction to that? "That was SO AWESOME!" bad mood eradicated! Thank you mister jumpy shark!

On to the wave machine

It may be a bit hard to see in the pictures, but this is the wave machine, they showed us how waves behave in the ocean it was very cool pay close attention to the top of the tank

This section of the tank is filled with Burger King Straws LOL I wonder how the King feels about that?

This concluded our day at the campus, next month SQUID!

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