Monday, November 1, 2010

Beginning of Fall George Washington

We were very busy bees last week in school. We learned about George Washington Had some silly fun making tricorn hats

Learned how and why the seasons change

pressed some leaves and made bookmarks with them

made some pretty trees with falling leaves for our seasonal window in the kitchen

THEN we made our own ink from crushed strawberries

This freaked me out a bit, but Jesse was very very careful not to get any berries on himself

we crushed and crushed and crushed until

FINALLY we had a nice amount of strawberry ink...and since we made ink we also had to make quill pens to go with the ink

Aren't they pretty?

We took our quill pens and strawberry ink and signed the Declaration of Independance

we had plenty of ink left so we drew some pictures with our quill pens

We also began our science with water lesson. This week we learned how water is absorbed. We put marker dots on coffee filters and poured water on them, notice how the colors seperate as the water is absorbed into them.

Here you can see the colors seperating and you can really see how the green is seperating into yellow and blue. SO COOL.

Close up of green seperating into yellow and blue

More water science next week!....

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