Saturday, November 20, 2010

How water is absorbed

This week we studied how water is absorbed First we packed a little bowl full of dried whole peas and then filled in all the little spaces with water
The we put lids on them and let them sit overnight. The next morning the lids had popped off and there were little peas EVERYWHERE! I forgot to get a picture of it, but the kids thought it was wicked cool.

Then we used sugar cubes and colored water to see how the water is absorbed.

We watched the water travel up....

..and up through the sugar cubes, until they melted and collapsed into a blue sugary mess

The we poured salt on cucumber slices and watched the salt pull the water out of the slices

Next we took 1 piece of dry bread and put it in a ziploc plastic bag and sprayed some water on another piece and put that in a plastic bag and we are waiting to see which one grows mold first

Which one do you think?

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