Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

This is Jesse's Scooby Doo birthday cake, it's all about Scooby Doo this year. Unfortunately, due to his disease, he wasn't able to enjoy it, but he wanted me to make it anyway! He's my hero. Happy Birthday Baby Boy...6yrs already, hard to believe. I made these little scooby doo cupcakes for him out of safe frosting that he can eat and I special ordered the scooby doo edible images to go on top of them they are made out of potato starch. How cool is that!!
PRESENTS!! Scooby doo walett from Jadyn
Alien Fishing game from Aunti Mel
Scooby Doo haunted mansion from Memere and Pepere
Then off to the beach, Jesse's favorite place in the entire world. We went to newport and visited the marine aquarium that they have on the beach.

LOVE to see this baby smile!!

Jesse found a little crab and carried it around with him for quite awhile

We played in the waves
Mr. Patrick dug a gigantic hole in the and and Jesse played in it for a while

Jadyn surfed with daddy all day long. She is becoming quite the daredevil

Jesse is not so brave yet, but someday I see him and Jadyn out there together making daddy proud with all the big waves they are surfing on.

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  1. nice! love his dog cake! I have a 6 year old little man too...he'll be seven soon enough. =) Happy Birthday Jesse!