Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010-2011 school room

We are starting school a bit early this year to allow for various illnesses or hospital stays that always seem to occur during the year. Here is our decorated schoolroom for this year. This is our money bulletin board
1-20 in English and Spanish, with Dr. Suess to amuse the teacher (me)
Our art bulletin board over our art supply table

Our calendar bulletin board, see the bees? Jim has named our homeschool The Busy Bee Learning Academy =)

Geography wall

Symbols of America wall
Here is our table, I painted it red and put the kids handprints on it and dated them, we will do this every year of our homeschool journey. Then when my little finally leave the nest I can look at it and cry
So Sweet!


  1. I love your school room! We are home schooling this year, and oh how I wish we had the space to have a whole room devoted to just school stuff. :)

  2. What an amazing schoolroom! I'd be excited to start school too! Have a wonderful year!

  3. Well, who is cooler than you? *I* want to come to your school! We've never been able to have a school room, and therefore can't put up cool things on our walls (not to mention, my kids are a bit old for some of that stuff).
    Anyway, great job. I'm totally going to have to come visit and see it for myself!