Monday, April 5, 2010

Savage Hunter

We were not so gently reminded of the fact that these birds are birds of prey and very savage hunters, despite how cute and cuddly they look. Molly showed us the other night that nothing is going to stand in the way of a mama owl feeding her babies.
The parent owls are trying to teach their little ones how to hunt, so daddy owl has started bringing live prey back to the nest box...yeah I know...ick..the updates may start getting far and few between now as I just cannot bear to watch this part of natures process.
first daddy brought home a live mouse, it played dead for a minute or two and then jumped up and ran away out of the nest box, Mama owl took off after it and caught it and brought it back for her babies. Not pretty, but what happened next sent chills up my spine.
Daddy owl then brought back a live baby bunny, that bunny was screaming, it was like a really bad car wreck, you didn't want to watch, but you couldn't turn away. Anyway the bunny tried to get away, but Molly caught it, the bunny started screaching, Molly started screaching and then Molly snapped the baby bunny's neck right in front of the camera, it was horrid!! Nature I know, but I can't bear to watch. So our nightime viewing of the owl box at least, will be curbed. Blech!

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