Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Flood Of 2010

The power of water. I live in The Ocean State, Rhode Island. This week little rhody definately earned that title. It rained so hard and so fast they are calling this the Historic Flood of 2010. Rhode Island has never seen flood waters like this and hopefully never will again. Yes, there have been worse floods elsewhere in the world, but this one hit home. Family and friends were evacuated and some are now homeless. Business who were already struggling in this awful economy will now be closed for months and may never recover. Noone knows how long it's going to take for waters to recede and for things to get back to normal. Roads were washed away, bridges were destroyed, homes were destroyed. Thankfully my house didn't get as much as a few inches of water in the basement. Others were not so lucky. Below is just a sampling of the pictures that I have of this awful flood. This used to be a street.

yes that is a pool and no they did not purposely make it an infinity pool

stranded pup

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  1. Wow...that's amazing...and so sad. =( So much damage.