Friday, April 16, 2010


The kids are attending a 6 week class at the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living. We are all learning a lot about conservation and environmental concerns and how to help. Below is a picture of the center and below that is a little write up all about the center and what they are doing. Then I have included many many pictures of things we are learning about. Very interesting place, if you get the chance to visit or take a class here I highly recommend it. ABOUT THE CENTER
Designed by a team of experts in sustainable design and technologies, the house showcases more than fifty environmentally friendly systems, technologies, and products, including:
passive and active solar energy systems, natural, recycled and non-toxic building materials and construction, straw-bale walls, radiant flooring, permaculture landscaping, and so forth.
The Center's exhibits explain all the housing model's features, including how they differ from traditional systems, their cost-effectiveness, and their payback periods. The Center is open to the public.
Energy Efficient DesignPassive SolarSuper-insulated walls with cellulose (recycled paper)
ElectricityPhotovoltaic (solar electric system)
Wind-energy turbine
HeatingSolar heating and hot water
Open-loop radiant floor heat system
On-demand propane back-up
Non-toxic and Natural Materials
Natural materials building methods
Natural materials interior and exterior finishes
Non-toxic paints, stains, primers, and caulks
Lumber from ecologically managed forests
Ecological Water Treatment Systems
Composting toilet
Constructed wetlands
Low-flush toilet
Reduced-sized leach field
Super-efficient appliances
Compact fluorescent light fixtures
High-performance windows
Shallow frost-protected foundation
Locally harvested lumber
Engineered lumber products
Colored and scored concrete flooring
HCFC-free polyisocyanurate insulation
Recycled Materials
House uses pre-existing dwelling
Recycled fiber carpeting
Recycled roofing material
Salvaged lumber
Recycled, all-wood-fibre flooring material
Recycled lumber furniture
Organic Gardening
Indoor green house
Edible landscape
Permaculture garden
Herb gardens

More pictures next week!!

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