Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not back to school tye dye party!

The Woody Louden Rec Center in Foster RI was where our not back to school tye dye party was held. It was a very rainy day, but we still had a blast! This is sure to be a yearly event for us, we had such a great time. They had an awesome little playground to play in and we did manage to get some playground time in before the downpour came.
We then headed inside to tie up our items to be tye dyed

While all our items were soaking in the soda ash getting ready for the dye, we ate lunch.

As we ate lunch it started to rain quite hard, but we went outside anyway to tie dye our shirts, I think the rain added to the fun and I'm sure the kids that were there that day would they are in the rain tye dying their shirts.

HMMM I think Jadyn got just as much dye on herself as she did on her shirt lol

When we were done with our shirts we ventured back inside to play some games and dry off

Then we had a quick snack before heading home

We were very happy with the finished results!! We can't wait until next year!

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