Friday, September 4, 2009

1st week of school

Well, it's been a very busy first week at school! Here is a picture of my bulletin board. Jesse is learning about the Sun and the sounds that S makes. He is also exploring patterns and learning that Jesus is the light of the world. Future lessons will include charting grapes as they turn into raisins and making a sundial so stay tuned for those pictures coming soon. Here he is showing off the sun he made in art class today..Notice his pretty patterns of yellow, orange, yellow, orange...good job Jesse!

Jadyn is learning about Bible scrolls this week and how they were stored in pottery jars, she is also learning about things that live close to the ground and working very hard on learning how to read. She loves math and is so good at it I'm so proud of her. Here she is painting the pottery jar that she made, this will hold her Bible scrolls that she is working on.
So colorful..this child would color the world with crayons if she could...
Then we took a nature walk in the woods behind my house to find things that live close to the ground, we found some interesting things. Mushrooms, slugs, spiders and beetles to name a few.

Jadyn had to bring this to show me..she says "look mommy it is THE golden ant" I didn't know there was just 1 in the whole world and to think it lives right in my very own backyard LOL.

Jesse was fascinated by the anthill that he found, he said he was looking for the nursery because he wanted to see the babies.
And what was I doing while this was going on? Hanging with my peeps of course!! Here is Bindi strolling through the yard
And here is Sydney, he was very intently watching a squirrel and then started clicking at it.
He tried to run after it, but I stopped him. I think he really wanted to play with cute. Don't forget to check back and see what we are up to next week!!

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  1. Love it! Have a great school looks like your kids will have a blast!