Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finding God in Raspberries

More rambling raspberry thoughts.. as I was picking raspberries today I got to thinking how God talks to us in different unexpected ways. The first few berries I picked were easy but as I had to go further and further into the woods it got harder to get at them. Raspberries have thorns and I started to get picked by them and it hurt, but I continued on digging in the leaves to find those berries, because I wanted them so I perservered through the thorns to get at them. The end result? A bowl of sweet juicy fresh berries! I thought how wonderful it would be if we, when studying the Bible did the same. Perservering through the thorns of conviction as we study and keep digging deeper and deeper to reach those berries of wisdom God has for us. Yes, sometimes it hurts as He convicts us and grows us, but on the other side, it's all sweetness, when we find His Love for us. So today I pray for all of you to perservere through those little thorns of conviction and go find those sweet berries He has for you today..

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