Friday, July 3, 2009

End of School year wrap up.

In the last few weeks we wrapped up our science experiments that we had been working on all year.
We released our frogs into a nearby pond that we had watched morph from frognormous tadpoles. Here is a picture of one as a froglet.
We planted a vegetable garden, here are the beginnings of it, we hope it grows!

We planted a root view farm and studied the root systems of radishes, carrots and onions.

And we had an end of year brunch with our co-op, we all made some yummy food and Miss Stacey made us a lovely video presentation with pictures from the year set to music, We also handed out certificates of completion to all the kids and everyone had a fun time. We can't wait until next year!

1st picture: Miss Melissa with Jadyn, Maeghan, Michael and Meghan

2nd picture: Jesse, Jadyn, Sarah, Maeghan

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