Monday, April 2, 2012

Enrich Art Show!!

Yesterday was set up day for the Enrich art show. Jadyn submitted a few pieces for display. There were so many fabulous entries. Here are a few pictures of us setting up and a few pictures of the artwork as well..there were way to many to picture here so if you are in the vicinity of the Warwick public library on Sandy Lane, check out the art. It will be there until April 22nd!

Working hard putting everything up, moms, dads and kids all helped out <3

This girl is AMAZING!! Very talented

Super Cool puppet!

Jadyn's entries, a picture of a library and a pink chick. LOL...she made a great picture of the eiffel tower during France week, but she didn't want to enter it, so there you go pink chickie you won!

I want this one

There will be a reception on Friday and I will take more pictures then! SO MUCH FUN!!

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