Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chimpanzee class and movie

Since Disney's Chimpanzee was being released we decided to have a class all about
Chimpanzees and study them and then go as a group to see the movie!

Miss Melissa did an awesome job organzing this class.

We learned so much about Chimps and all the kids were very interested.

Then we had a relay race, but had to walk like chimps.

Not to easy to run while you are holding onto your ankles.

Walking like Chimps

Comparing our hands to a Chimps hand print

Doing some fun crafty stuff

A homeschooler bringing attention to research being done on Chimpanzees and asking us to call our congress people to
stop it from happening. (So proud of her)

Then we all went to see the Chimpanzee movie. It was very cute, but really, why is it
that Disney always kills off the moms!!!  Oh well, it was a good movie nonetheless.

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