Saturday, April 23, 2011

Imagination Club

Wow It seems I have been slacking a bit on my posting, we have been very very busy! We joined a new club called the Imagination Club. We meet once a week to use our imaginations, create, move, explore, learn and discover. Each week is a new theme, these pictures are from our Monkey themed week. we made monkey music with all different kinds of instruments taking turns being the monkey band leader and keeping rythms

K does a great job of keeping all the kids involved and participating

Jesse on the monkey drums

Then we played pass the banana, everyone loved this game and there was lots of laughing

Next to get our bodies moving we played Monkey says, just like Simon says only with a bunch of little monkeys, here are my two little monkeys

they had so much fun

hop, hop, hop

Jesse as the monkey says leader

Then we played I can use this..a great imagination game using objects from around the house in different ways

Jadyn playing night watchman, my favorite game

Happy girl!

The kids love this club and I hope it goes on for a long long time!

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