Friday, September 3, 2010

Native Americans

This week we studied Native Americans. We learned about Christopher Columbus and made little wigwams, read Squanto, and the kids made dinner one night from a Native American cookbook I found..lots of pictures in this post so I hope you enjoy them! Memory Verse for the week

Making Wigwams was an ooey gooey mess, Jesse LOVED it, my kitchen, not so much

More glue

...and more glue
Finally done! Now they have to dry, so we made candles while we were waiting

Decorated with salt

Dry wigwam! SO CUTE!

Now to make dinner...Maple Roasted Chicken, Indian Pan Bread and Red Rice!
Measuring raisins and sunflower seeds

Jesse did a good job supervising the procedures

Jadyn just liked the cooking part

...and the mixing of course
Indian Pan Bread all done!! It came out great and the birds loved it too!

Red Rice! Nutty, Crunchy, Yummy the kids did a great job and they did it all themselves!!

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