Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bread and Butter Lesson

Last week we studied the effects of yeast and why it works and we also studied milk and all the wonderful things you can make with it. Below is a picture of yeast in a bottle, the resulting carbon dioxide is blowing up the balloon, the kids thought this was amazing, notice the bottle of benedryl at the ready, just in case LOL. Then we went on to milk, as you all know milk is poison to Jesse, so when our curriculum suggested we make butter I panicked! I put Jesse's cream in a baby food jar and then made sure it was safe and secure in a plastic baggie so none would get on him and he shook it and shook it until.....
.....BUTTER! The kids were amazed that it actually worked, Jadyn decided she would not have liked to live in colonial times because it was too much work

The resulting buttermilk found a new home in my coffee, it was SOOOO sweet

along the lines of yeast and dough we made some play dough to play with

Jadyn said "this isn't play dough! It's bread!"

Jesse said it was fun to squish even though he had to wear plastic on his hands to play with it

That was our lesson on bread and butter

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