Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Molly

Got some great shots last night of the babies. Molly is such a good Mama and very gentle and loving with her owlets, it's so nice to see. Below are some really great shots of the babies. #4 should hatch today! There is a lesson plan at titled owlbabies if anyone would like to turn this into a lesson for the kiddies. I'll be updating a lot on Molly because my kids are very interested in her. They want to say good morning to Molly every day and good night to Molly every night. It's so exciting, enjoy the pictures. Molly heard a noise outside the box
great shot of baby and 2 remaining eggs
Max, the oldest owlet, trying to get away I think lol

Daddy brought a bunny for dinner here is mama feeding the babes

quick head count
Is that a pipping hole in that egg? 4th baby should hatch today!! we will be watching!

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