Friday, March 26, 2010

Molly The barn owl

We have been blessed this week to witness the miracle of nature. We found a live streaming video of a barn owl nest box. Here is the link apparently this is quite a popular little owl family. Please excuse the blurry pictures of the inside of the of this morning we have 3 owlets (max, pattison and austin) and 2 eggs waiting to hatch. Daddy owl (McGee) is a very good provider and brings mama owl (Molly) food all the time. Last night I saw him bring her a baby bunny, a few mice and something that looked like a gopher or a mole, maybe a chipmunk, not sure..the picture below is Molly, the mama
Here is a picture of Daddy McGee

Molly inside the nest box, see the little owlet heads peeking out from underneath her? So cute!
Feeding time, Molly was feeding the babies a mouse, ew lol

feeding time over now time for a nap with owlets tucked warm and comfy underneath
Mama Love! Molly snuggling baby AWW

great picture of baby owlet! They grow so fast!

We are totally addicted to Molly and her babies! It is amazing the instinct God has given these animal mommies to nurture and protect their little ones. Some human mothers could take lessons from Molly.

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