Monday, January 30, 2012


We are having such a great time learning about different cultures and countries and their customs with My Father's World. This past 2 weeks we studied Norway. What a beautiful country, we would love to visit there someday.

We made a paper quilt to hang on the wall with symbols of Norway

We tried our hand at rosemaling, the orange flower is Jadyn's, very creative.

then we made felt lap squares representing the laps sweaters as they work in the white blinding snow


Jesse had to put a platypus on his, because right now it's all about platypuses? platypi? platypeese? gotta look that one up.

John 3:16 in norwegian. My kids are not fond of coloring can you tell.

Working on their map facts sheet

I especially love their pictures showing the norwegian children hiding their gold in snowmen and sledding past the German Soldiers, notice the faces on Jesse's soldiers! So cute.

Our vocabulary list this week

Memory verse

Playing store for math, learning how to make change

Our store

Our cash register

Fun stuff! Next week on to France!

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