Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Schoolroom!!

SO EXCITING!! Jim gave up his train room/man cave in the basement and made me my very own schoolroom!! Now I will have room for everything and my kitchen will stay a kitchen! I'm just so super excited about this I couldn't wait to post pictures. Even though it's not really all done yet, you get the general here are some pictures..this first one is a picture of the school table and next to it is the art center. The wall behind it is going to be my super huge bulletin board! It just needs to be decorated.
media center. a tv will go here with a dvd player to watch education videos that pertain to what we are studying that week, OK and maybe some video games too for the off times..gotta have recess..OH and check out that closet!! This room has 3 of them! How cool is that!! two more closets for storage
The kids wanted to get started right away in their new schoolroom so I pulled out the pattern blocks and let them play with them. I told them to make me some patterns
Jesse decided that making a crabby patty was way more fun here he is pretending to eat it

Jadyn made some pretty patterns for me she loved having all that room to spread out
Jesse made a penguin!

Stay tuned for more decorating updates as the weeks go by!!

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