Monday, January 11, 2010

Potato Candy

Opportunities to actually cook with Jesse are very rare, so I am always excited when I find a recipe that he can participate in. I found this recipe for Potato Candy and decided to try it with him. We had a lot of fun making the candy, unfortunately it didn't taste that good =(

1 medium sized white potato, cooked until soft and mashed
Confectioners Sugar
That's it 2 ingredients, mash the potato and then start added sugar, it will get very wet and mushy, keep mixing and adding sugar until it forms a dough that you can roll out easily. This takes A LOT of sugar. I used 3 pounds all together. Roll out dough on waxed paper until very thin and let sit for about 2hrs. Cut into little squares and store in a bowl in a powdered sugar bath to keep it dry.
You can add chocolate chips or any flavor extract to this recipe and I'm sure that will make it tastier, Jesse cannot have those so I just made it plain, we were not impressed with the taste, but maybe you will be! Let me know if you try it

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